Tuesday 26 February 2013

Skate the Common Marathon Series - Results


Congratulations to all who participated in the series!

Skate the Common Marathon Finale - February 23-24, 2013

Big Ice Youth and Sledge 3km 
First NameLast NameBibActivitySexAgeClassFinal Time
LyraArruda Kyriakidis374Big Ice Youth 3kmF9Long Blade9.3815
RyanAdams375Big Ice Youth 3kmM9Long Blade12.0877
DaveWaters372Big Ice Sledge 3kmM44Sledge12.1850
JacobSwindells371Big Ice Sledge 3kmM13Sledge16.2632
AvalonAdams373Big Ice Youth 3kmF7Long Blade16.3947
NicoleMcDonald370Big Ice Sledge 3kmF20SledgeDNF

Big Ice 5km
First NameLast NameBibActivitySexAgeClassFinal Time
BrentThompson367Big Ice 5kmM45Long Blade10.2908
DevisonLindsay359Big Ice 5kmF17Long Blade11.1425
ConnorCameron364Big Ice 5kmM12Long Blade11.1496
EmmaGalsworthy360Big Ice 5kmF20Long Blade11.1560
GraceHolwell356Big Ice 5kmF12Long Blade11.3958
CameronTiffin355Big Ice 5kmF11Long Blade11.3991
TravisGoswell365Big Ice 5kmM12Long Blade12.1600
BertLosier368Big Ice 5kmM57Long Blade12.5776
RachelMurphey378Big Ice 5kmF13Long Blade13.0226
MyleneLeger357Big Ice 5kmF12Long Blade13.0257
KevinCox369Big Ice 5kmM59Long Blade13.2964
Augustinevan der Baaren363Big Ice 5kmF49Long Blade15.4977
JustinNoakes379Big Ice 5kmM9Long Blade16.3134
PaulaArruda362Big Ice 5kmF44Long Blade17.0022

Big Ice 10km
Apologies again for the technical difficulties experienced with the timing system.  Due to the difficulties the confidence with everyones' final times is low.  Below are the final times where confidence is higher.

First Name Last Name Bib Activity Sex Age Class Final Time
Mathieu Giroux 379 Big Ice 10km M 27 Long Blade 17:43.9
Randy Plett 327 Big Ice 10km M 50 Long Blade 19:08.6
Greg Lummis 325 Big Ice 10km M 42 Long Blade 21:45.0
Henk Kwindt 333 Big Ice 10km M 72 Long Blade 22:12.6
Noah Ferguson-Losier 321 Big Ice 10km M 17 Long Blade 23:45.5
Cassidy Bradley 302 Big Ice 10km F 14 Long Blade 24:09.7
Janice Keefe 312 Big Ice 10km F 50 Short Blade 37:48.0
Patrick Jones 314 Big Ice 10km F 50 Long Blade 39:43.0
Joan Hamilton 318 Big Ice 10km F 55 Short Blade 44:54.0
Jane Thorburn 317 Big Ice 10km F 55 Long Blade 47:17.3
Emma Thompson 301 Big Ice 10km F 13 Long Blade NT
Lesley MacKeigan 305 Big Ice 10km F 38 Long Blade NT
Kirstine Postma 307 Big Ice 10km F 43 Long Blade NT
Diana Alwayn 308 Big Ice 10km F 44 Long Blade NT
Tineke Van der Baaren 311 Big Ice 10km F 49 Long Blade NT
Wendy-Lee Hamilton 315 Big Ice 10km F 51 Long Blade NT
Roger Hamilton 316 Big Ice 10km F 53 Long Blade NT
Kevin Cox 319 Big Ice 10km F 59 Long Blade NT
Charlotte Riley 380 Big Ice 10km F Long Blade NT
Meghan Todd 303 Big Ice 10km F 24 Short Blade NT
Jessica LeBlanc 304 Big Ice 10km F 35 Short Blade NT
Marsha Stephens 306 Big Ice 10km F 38 Short Blade NT
Craig Hillis 326 Big Ice 10km M 50 Long Blade NT
Greg Young 328 Big Ice 10km M 52 Long Blade NT
Steve Raftery 329 Big Ice 10km M 53 Long Blade NT
Friedemann Brauer 332 Big Ice 10km M 65 Long Blade NT
Ron MacDougal 335 Big Ice 10km M Long Blade NT
Laurent Jonart 377 Big Ice 10km M Long Blade NT
Kevin Holland 323 Big Ice 10km M 34 Short Blade NT
Sean Carroll 324 Big Ice 10km M 41 Short Blade NT
Fred Burge 330 Big Ice 10km M 57 Short Blade NT
Brian Holland 331 Big Ice 10km M 62 Short Blade NT

Mathieu Giroux, 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist, participates in the 2013 Skate the Common 25km.  Followed by Randy Plett of Winnipeg.

Big Ice 25km
Thank goodness the technical difficulties experienced during the 3km, 5km, and 10km were worked out in time for the 25km.
First NameLast Name BibActivity Sex AgeClass LapFinal Time
MathieuGirouxBig Ice 25kmM27Long Blade6500:42:16
Randy Plett352Big Ice 25kmM50Long Blade6500:48:36
David Regan310Big Ice 25kmMLong Blade6500:55:41
John McDougal320Big Ice 25kmMLong Blade6500:55:42
Ron MacDougal350Big Ice 25kmMLong Blade6501:00:01
Brad Toms353Big Ice 25kmM32Long Blade6501:03:34
Susan Hayden337Big Ice 25kmF47Long Blade6501:04:26
Jim Kimber348Big Ice 25kmM41Long Blade6501:05:52
Alex MacEachern351Big Ice 25kmM66Long Blade6501:06:07
Sheila McGinn339Big Ice 25kmF62Long Blade6501:06:21
Ken Lane349Big Ice 25kmMLong Blade6501:07:08
Mike Grimbly346Big Ice 25kmM566501:07:57
Craig Hillis347Big Ice 25kmM50Long Blade6501:07:59
William Desbarres344Big Ice 25kmM55Short Blade6501:09:46
Darlene Chapman322Big Ice 25kmFLong Blade6501:11:29
Adam Aldred341Big Ice 25kmM346501:12:39
Mel Gilbert309Big Ice 25kmMShort Blade6501:13:18
Alan Durdle345Big Ice 25kmM56Short Blade6501:21:30
Tineke van der Baaren340Big Ice 25kmF49Long Blade6501:23:45
Marie-Claude Gregoire336Big Ice 25kmF38Long Blade6501:23:47
Marilyn McAvoy338Big Ice 25kmF53Short Blade6501:24:18
Gina Brown313Big Ice 25kmFShort Blade6401:26:53
Ingram Barss342Big Ice 25kmM45Short Blade6201:26:15
Peter Barss343Big Ice 25kmM71Short Blade5901:27:16
Dave Waters354Big Ice 25kmM44Sledge4901:30:30

Icebreaker #2 - January 27, 2013

10 minute Icebreaker #2
First Last Sex Number Number
of Laps
Final Time
Freya Clark F 20 12 4.6 10:31
Jamie Gillis M 19 12 4.6 10:57
Julia Loparco F 22 11 4.3 10:05
Zachary Groom M 21 10 3.9 10:22
Leila Cartier F 17 9 3.5 10:49
Claudine Abcarius F 13 9 3.5 11:06
Augustine van der Baaren F 18 8 3.1 10:14
Diana Alwayn F 12 7 2.7 10:40

20 minute Icebreaker #2
First Last Sex Number Number
of Laps
Final Time
John McDougall M 25 22 8.5 20.54
Ron MacDougal M 23 21 8.1 20:07
Jamie Gillis M 19 21 8.1 20:28
Ken Lane M 16 19 7.4 20:19
Friedemann Brauer M 8 19 7.4 20:26
Craig Hillis M 24 19 7.4 20:36
Paul Smith M 26 19 7.4 21:45
Tineke van der Baaren F 18 15 5.8 20:53

Icebreaker #1 - January 6, 2013.

10 minute Icebreaker #1
FirstLast SexNumberNumber
of Laps
Final Time
Augustinevan der BaarenF583.110:26

20 minute Icebreaker #1
FirstLast SexNumberNumber
of Laps
Final Time
Tinekevan der BaarenF5155.820:05

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